In its efforts to boost the employment opportunities for those college students who have studies abroad, Abroad101 has created this job board focused on positions for Study Abroad alumni.  We have established a job feed from the largest search engine of jobs and added a special category called Study Abroad Alumni where study abroad experience is required!

Our hope it to draw employers to recognize the benefits of hiring study abroad alumni and to value these students creativity, independence and success generate from their time abroad.  We encourage visitors to also join the Linkedin Group called “The Study Abroad Advantage” a forum for topics around employing study abroad alumni.

In order to better prepare for the working world, we encourage all student to submit a review of their experience abroad.  A study abroad review will help employers gain insight into the candidate and their views of the world.  If you’ve not done so, submit your study abroad review NOW!

Students: Looking for some tips on how to better present you study abroad experience to employers , watch this video entitled “How to Convey the Study Abroad Advantage in Job or Grad School Interviews




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